Certification and Yoga Teacher Training

Develop the wisdom, intelligence and confidence to teach YOUR approach to Yoga. Unite your inspiration, experience and knowledge with the MasterLife Yoga principles of breath, philosophy and movement to create a unique Yoga practise for your family, friends, colleagues or studio.

Training programs:

•­ Functional Yoga
•­ Pre & Post Natal Yoga
•­ Sports Yoga
Level 1 more information…

We invite you to choose and develop a MasterLife theme based on your inspiration and long­term goals starting at Level 1. Becoming a MasterLife Yoga Instructor requires Level 1 & 2 participation, so right from the start develop with us a Yoga practise using MasterLife Functional, Pre & Post Natal or Sports Yoga programs as base principals.

Both Levels 1 & 2 consists of either 5 day One­-to­-One private intensive sessions or 10 x 3 hour sessions online.

The pricing is 1240€ per Level.

Yoga practises using MasterLife principles are being taught worldwide by Yoga teachers, school teachers, coaches, parents and health and medical professionals from all walks of life.

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